InVision Labs

InVision is the world's leading prototyping, collaboration, and workflow platform, helping companies such as Adidas, Salesforce, Twitter, and more. We were tasked with crafting a completely new child brand for them called LABS. This new brand would serve as a platform to release new experiments, web properties, and tools. Our mission was to build something simple, powerful, and most importantly...flexible. This will allow for the many faces of InVision Labs moving forward.

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We designed for InVision Labs a new brand experience that balances a clean, entrepreneurial feel with an energetic, fun vibe—much in the way that good design conveys personality without sacrificing quality. The overall effect is approachable, honest, and inspiring. We kept front-of-mind InVision Labs’s genuine, core dedication to designers and the design craft.

Focus Lab was an obvious choice for us when approaching our branding project. Working with their team was a straightforward, fluid, and natural process. The outcome was not just a beautiful brand, but a compelling narrative, process, and platform for its promotion.

Stephen Olmstead, VP of Strategic Partnerships

Our overarching concept for this brand was “modular:” a brand built around the idea of flexibility. A brand that is flexible reflects exactly how it functions on a services level, doing a variety of things, but all under a single mission. Like building blocks, this modular approach takes a group of things and uses them in different ways to solve a single problem. This highly creative brand system serves the InVision Labs mission well.

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Following the concept of “modular,” we focused on viewing the name as four individual building blocks.

Following the concept of “modular,” we focused on viewing the name as four individual building blocks. We removed the counters from the letterforms to create simple custom shapes. We then used this as the canvas, customizing patterns, colors, and images within the letterforms. Because of this approach, the logotype can be anything and everything, while maintaining legibility and brand presence. The icon system adds to this modular feel by speaking to the organized chaos.

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A large goal of this project was to create a brand that could morph into just about anything. These examples below are just the tip of the iceberg on how far this can go. High five to the InVision team to tossing a variety of these looks into the mix.

Fun 3@2X
Labs Fun 1@2X
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Labs Wood Blocks@2X
Two sets of custom wood logotypes we had crafted to cap the project and surprise the client

Wow this is over the top amazing - thanks so much guys!

Clark Valberg, CEO/Co-Founder of InVision
Labs Office 3@2X
Labs office interior design and photos taken by Tomas Jasovsky
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Directed and produced by Focus Lab