Data is everywhere around us. For those who run websites or mobile apps, making sense of all this data requires a ton of work: writing tracking code, building a data pipeline, writing SQL queries, designing the reports, and a bunch of other stuff that takes business owners away from their real work. If you’re a non-techie, understanding this data is a chore. Unless you’re working with Heap. Heap is a web and mobile analytics tool that, when installed, automatically captures every interaction within your site or app. When you need to analyze the data, you do it instantly through a simple visual interface using nothing but points and clicks. The best part is not writing code. Ever.

Our task was making analytics–a potentially dry subject–approachable to anyone who’s interested in data. We worked with them to extend their current brand onto a site that sets them apart and positions them well for continued growth.

Making a data scientist out of anyone in an organization is pretty powerful; Heap came to us to help tell that story.

Heap Process@2X

Heap’s existing brand makes use of a pink and orange gradient that they really liked (and so did we). Because that scheme conveys a youthful vibe, we paired it with a deep purple to help create a professional and mature experience. Being careful not to skew too professional, we combined the color scheme with custom-made icons and illustrations. This allowed us to maintain the right balance of approachability and professionalism.

Heap Wireframes 01@2X
Heap Wireframes 02 R4

Although marketing sites can be pretty straightforward, it still helps to lay the home’s foundation and structure before moving on to the paint and finishing touches. That's why we developed high-fidelity wireframes to first determine the structure of the story. Once approved, it was easy to move into visual design, bringing life to the wireframes.

Heap Ui Family R1
Heap Hero@2X
Heap Ui Detail 01@2X
Heap Ui Detail 02 R1

About 18 months after the launch of their redesigned site, Heap experienced tremendous growth. Part of that growth meant an expanding customer base and a new story. Due to our previous success, Heap came back to Focus Lab to help tell that updated story.

Whether it's a returning client, or one we're meeting for the very first time, we rely on our proven processes. Wireframing for user experience and storytelling, concepting for visual aesthetic, and lastly, visual design to connect those pieces together.

Wireframing Update
Heap Concepting Update 1
Heap Concepting Update 2
Heap Hero Update
Heap Process 02

Whenever we need help, we’ll be going to Focus. They’re highly talented, and they approached our project with the right blend of pragmatism and creativity. It was also a joy working with Focus: they’re diligent and always receptive to feedback.

Matin Movassate, Co-Founder and CEO @ Heap