Hamilton Captive

Strauss Law Firm provides legal and financial counsel for entrepreneurs and their businesses. They tag-team with sister company Hamilton Captive to assist with underwriting, licensure, etc. on establishing, and then managing, said captives. They have other child companies that operate under their network. Our challenge was to establish brand trust by streamlining the existing brand architecture, framing a brand system for ease of growth, and creating naming conventions for future sub-brands. It was equally important to address the outdated websites and bland stock photography to create a trustworthy user experience and ease customer confusion.

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Our challenge was to establish brand trust by streamlining the existing brand architecture, framing a brand system for ease of growth, and creating naming conventions for future sub-brands.

Harkening Federalist-inspired concepting to match the company name, we designed for Hamilton a brand experience that communicates the company’s effectiveness, professionalism, and confidence. Brand communications streamlined the messaging of boutique services and success. An approachable-professional voice was defined to complement the brand experience. Focus Lab also designed for Strauss a clean, bold, and professional brand that shares brand values and visual mood with Hamilton. The two live as separate brand experiences but share some resources and assets.

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We started with a comprehensive analysis and mapping of the brand architecture, hierarchy, and relationships. Once we understood the dynamics of the parent and child brands, we created a comprehensive brand system that maintains visual consistency and recognizability across all sub-companies. Ample visual exploration focused on a strong, masculine color palette, sharp photography styles, textures, and patterns for luxury appeal and personality, and an overall handsome, smart, modern brand system that is easily applicable to child brands that spring forth.

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The goal for the website was to bring the look and feel of the brand to the web while creating an easy to navigate, informative site. We took a complex topic and distilled it down to an organizational structure that would make sense to normal people. To make the content easier to digest, we simplified copy and focused on type pairings and typography rules that make reading on the web much easier. The overall aesthetic was meant to convey a sense of tradition while inspiring trust.

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Focus Lab delivered on every promise. Re-branding was a project we had put off for a while because we knew it would such an undertaking. Focus Lab made the process seamless and the quality of the work delivered could not have been better. We are so pleased with the outcome and look forward to a continued working relationship with the Focus Lab team.

Peter Strauss, CEO of Hamilton

Hamilton's brand was furthered through smart, trustworthy photography styles. Armed with a stylistic direction, we crafted custom headshot and lifestyle photography to be used both within their website and marketing materials. Along with location styling, we efficiently time-blocked the day of the photoshoot to utilize every Hamilton team member with respect to their current business obligations.

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Because of the unique culture of Hamilton Captive, we felt a company video would distinguish them from others in the captive space. The approach we took was to merge the company's personality, professionalism, and ethic into a forward-facing promotional video that deepens their footprint while allowing potential clients a look into their business. We wanted to give Hamilton something ownable and consistent with the new brand identity.

Hamilton Culture