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Bubble is a media- and topic-focused social platform that addresses the deficits of text messaging and existing social media outlets. It also allows up-close interaction with, first looks at, and insider access to celebrity users. The App Store is filled with social apps that employ a hokey chat-bubble icon and a standard blue as lead brand color. Our challenge was to travel in a different direction by embracing a bright and vibrant color palette paired with a strong and striking mark. This allows the app to stand out as an attractive alternative in the social app landscape.

Bubble Billboard
A mock campaign using custom photography

Because Bubble is a game changer in the social app realm, we designed a unique, infectious brand experience that audiences are attracted to and users enjoy. The brand is bold, dynamic, and versatile across all visual touchpoints. A vibrant, broad-spectrum color palette pops and stands out in their industry. The mark subtly and effectively applies a chat-bubble element without following clichéd conventions.

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Focus Lab has been incredible to work with. Initially, we hired them to help with branding. The experience was so great that we convinced them to work with us on product as well.

Zach Mangum, CEO, Bubble

With much of the app’s functionality and concepting in place, Focus Lab and Bubble worked together to bring the app to life. The app informed the brand as much as the brand informed the app, as we became more informed about colors, typography, and user experience through testing. Transition animations help bring clarity to the design process. Keyboard elements integrate Giphy, live video, Photo Pickr, and camera access. The result is a fun messaging experience that allows users to chat about their interests with people of their choosing.

Screens Collection
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In building a comprehensive brand identity, photography plays such a crucial role; we knew stock photography wouldn’t cut it. Our specific vision for unique stylized environments and product interaction could only be achieved through custom photography.

We developed photography styles that dictated messaging, aesthetic, and methodology. The shoot spanned 3 days, 4 models, and 1 dog. The end result ensured a large library of photography for both advertising and social use.

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Eoy 2017 Linked Comp 13 First Complete 3850
Eoy 2017 Linked Comp 13 First Complete 5018
Bubble Ad

The team at Focus Lab is terrific with communication, creativity, speed, and accepting and interpreting critical feedback and turning it into something amazing. A team like theirs is tough to find.

Zach Mangum, CEO, Bubble