A visual brand experience can take you only so far. A fully expressed, cohesive brand weights the communications experience as significantly as the visual. The personality of your brand is determined, in large measure, by the words you use and the messages they convey. Be sure that isn’t sacrificed or undervalued.


Your company name is the point of entry for your brand. Focus Lab works iteratively and collaboratively to educate you on naming conventions, brainstorm and vet naming ideas until a few solid directions are identified, select and secure available URLs, and present naming options to a legal partner to help us determine the viability. We can also consult with your team as you navigate the naming process internally.

Communications Style Guides

The purpose of this guide is to serve as a resource for anyone who is creating copy or verbally communicating on behalf of your company. Specifics on the document include a technical section on writing style, definition of brand voice (who is speaking), key messaging (what is being said), and any tone variations.

Messaging and Voice/Tone

Messaging and Voice/Tone

Without strategy-informed definitions of brand voice, messaging, and tone, a brand experience could feel flat, unaware, confusing, unfinished, and undirected. We dedicate time and process to defining voice (the personality of who is speaking), messaging (what to communicate), and tone (how things are communicated, the mood and orientation).

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Internal Company Materials

To help staff and employees embrace and accurately express the new or refreshed brand, we create brand culture books, volunteer guides, welcome kits, and other internal-facing print or digital collateral.


The right words wield power, connecting people with your brand story. Our copy experts dive deep to tap your story’s life blood, infusing your messaging with the prose that works best for your needs. Each platform evolves with its own audience over time: web, social, and print. Our job is to stand a step ahead to guide meaningful conversations.

Tagline Exploration

Tagline Exploration

A tagline introduces you, helps create an emotional connection, and builds brand equity. There are two ways we can do this: your team takes a solid stab at tagline exploration and presents us with options to vet and provide feedback on; or we lead an iterative process where we present you with a specified number of explorative rounds for feedback and direction.

Content Strategy and Production

Successful websites are not only beautiful, but designed as a marriage of business messaging and goals (information), the interface (presentation), and your users’ goals and actions (interaction). Content strategy ensures your content (of all types) not only aligns with your messaging, but also is organized and presented intuitively and efficiently.

Marketing Materials

From print and digital advertising, to mailers, brochures, posters, and swag, we can create copy—or edit provided copy—in keeping with the overall brand experience. We apply your communications guidelines and brand voice to carefully messaged verbiage that ensures strength in marketing.