UI Position / Hiring

We need help. Not the kind where you’re worried about us. The kind that results from a high demand of awesome projects. We want you to join our team to help us produce even more great work.

2013 has been a banging year of amazing projects that continue to find us. Thus, it’s time again for us to make a casting call and add another talented designer to our team. We’ve listed some specifics below to help you decide if this role is for you.


The lowdown: We are growing and need a baller designer with skills in both UI and web design (mobile & desktop) to assist us with some awesome work.

We are going to be extremely selective about your: - Strength of work - web + UI (branding is a bonus) - Availability - Ability to prove efficiency with working remotely - Compatibility within a team atmosphere

You can expect to be: - Designing large scale websites with various level of complexities - Tackling UI work, including mobile and web apps - Potentially kingpinning new UI projects

You must be able to say yes to: - Consider yourself creative? - Is Web Design / UI one of your biggest strengths? - Are you passionate about what you do? - Have you worked remotely before? - Do you like other people? - Have a sense of humor?

You have: - Extensive knowledge in Adobe Creative Suite, PS, AI (Duh) - A portfolio that we can review (web format, por favor) - The ability to work collaboratively - Great communication skills - A tiger-like work ethic

We are looking to start you at 25 hours per week but, if we’re a match, our goal is to fast track this into a full time role. Working remote is allowed, you do not need to up and move here.

Interested? Cool. Here’s what happens now…

Please respond to i-am-awesome@focuslabllc.com with statements of your experience, expertise, enthusiasm, wage requirements, and a link to your portfolio. We will be reaching out with follow-up questions and phone interviews over the next couple weeks. We look forward to hearing from you!