High Fives: A Toast to Dribbble

We love Dribbble. Ok, that’s an understatement. The fact of the matter is Dribbble alone helped grow our two-man company to a team of 14 in just a couple of years. And our Dribbble networking was likewise responsible for introducing us to some stellar clients and industry peers. Easily, half of our recent output is attributable in some way to our Dribbble presence. Last year alone, Dribbble leads accounted for $800k of our revenue. (If I’m being honest, it drives more potential than that; we’re limited in the amount of work we can take on.) We—and the greater design community—are blessed to access an affordable platform that can turn a couple hundred dollar membership investment into nearly $1 million in revenue. Other industries would kill to have an outlet like that. Forget that it’s actually fun to post and monitor.

So that brings me to: the point.

In an effort to thank our friends at Dribbble and show our tremendous appreciation for what they have unknowingly done for us, it is time to give back. Laser-cut wood and top-shelf alcohol seemed like the appropriate approach, so we got to work. After some investigative research, I tapped Susanna (wife of co-founder Rich) on the shoulder to find out the prefered booze at Dribbble HQ. Then we reached out to our friends at Tinkering Monkey to craft custom made gifts from the layout and look that we provided.

What you see below is a result of many people’s hard work and love for a group that has helped us so much. Special thanks to our super hero PM/photographer, Alicja, for knocking the photo shoot out of the park.

Thanks, Dribbble. Cheers!
- The Focus Lab Team

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Chris W on March 19, 2014

What a great idea guys! That is amazing that Dribbble has been so good to you guys over last year. I can attest to how amazing Dribbble has been on the learning side of things. I am constantly inspired by the work fellow designers and Focus Lab posts to keep the creative juices flowing. Kudos to Dribbble and Focus Lab!

Scott Perket on March 19, 2014

Very cool of you guys. Cheers!

Abhijeet on March 19, 2014

Wow, this is a beauty of craft. I look up to you guys and this is just pure bliss. I hope you guys will keep on doing wonders in future. Cheers. :)

Ben Krogh on March 19, 2014

That is so rad! Definitely will make them feel appreciated, probably one of the better gifts they’ll ever receive.

Nagaraj Chandran on March 19, 2014

You guys are awesome.

Zan on March 19, 2014

Hats down to the whole team. I love watching you grow, an amazing source of inspiration! And I really love the fact that you still remain the most humble group I’ve ever met :) Cheers to you!

José on March 19, 2014

That looks so cool. Congrats on your success!

Esben Lorenzen on March 19, 2014

So awesome, extremely cool of you guys :) I’m quite new to Dribbble, but hope I’ll be able to grow a lot through it aswell.

Derek Hollister on March 19, 2014

Very cool of you guys. What an awesome way to say thanks!

Sean McCabe on March 19, 2014

Class acts.

Tim Macholz on March 19, 2014

As an owner of a fledgling design company, I am always truly inspired by not only your team’s passion and commitment to making excellent products, but your open-ness in sharing your journey. Congrats on creating a brand who’s focus on quality (in both products and people) is the reason for it’s success.


Julian Strayhorn II on March 19, 2014

Awesome Sauce Guys!!

jason on March 19, 2014

More like Tippple… amirite?

Michal on March 19, 2014

Awesome idea guys! well done :)

Rich Thornett on March 19, 2014

Just wanted to say ‘thanks’ here as well as on Dribbble/Twitter - you guys rock for doing this. Glad the site has been a source of clients for the great work that you do - keep rockin’ and thanks so much for the gift and for contributing your time and talent to our community.

If I were the kind of person who said such things… this feels like WIN-WIN. Cheers!

korhan on March 20, 2014

It’s 7 o’clock in the morning and now I want a whiskey. Cheers.

Updula on March 20, 2014

I don’t drink. Can we have a tea version?

Philip on March 20, 2014

Great work guys, thanks for sharing an insight into the success you’ve had with Dribbble.

I better start asking around for a Dribbble invite :)


Jackson on March 20, 2014

Lovely sentiment but let’s have a chat about putting ice in your whisk(e)y.


Dennis Field on March 20, 2014

Great job! Thanks for the continued inspiration!

Ben Martin on March 24, 2014

I can’t speak on behalf of every designer…

but you guys are the most inspiring group of people in the industry.
I can’t imagine a designer that wouldn’t want to be a part of your team.

Keep doing it Focus Lab.

tony on March 30, 2014

very nice.

Mike Jones on May 9, 2014

This is Rad y’all! I love what you do. Hope to grow like that some day. Good on you for the shout out and thank you them - Dribbble indeed is the stuff! Have a blessed day!

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