We need help…again

We need help. Not the kind where you call someone because you’re worried about us. The kind where we have awesome projects and you want to be a part of them. Read along and see if you think that might be you.

About a year ago we sent out a beacon for some part time help in both design and development. We added to our team some fine individuals who really help make Focus Lab what we are. We again need help with both design and development. Here’s the lowdown.


I will make this simple. Are you a rockstar and want to work with a great company on various cool projects? If so we want you! The gist:

We are in need of designer with very high level skills. A team member that has strong skills in both web design, UI and ideally branding. We are going to be extremely selective based on the following criteria:

  1. Strength of work - Web + UI, branding is a bonus
  2. Availability
  3. Ability to prove efficiency at working remotely
  4. Compatibility with a team atmosphere

Here are some things you will be throwing down:

  • Designing large scale websites with various level of complexities
  • UI work including mobile platform
  • Possibly leading new branding projects

Designers must be able to say yes to most the following:

  • Do you consider yourself creative?
  • Is Web Design / UI one of your biggest strengths?
  • Are you comfortable with tight deadlines?
  • Have you worked remotely before?

You must have the following:

  • (Goes without saying but) Extensive knowledge in Adobe Creative Suite - Ps Ai
  • A portfolio that we can review (Web format a must)
  • Ability to work collaboratively
  • Great communication skills
  • Tiger-like work ethic


We’re looking for a development team leader. Hit us up if this describes you:

  • You can ask the right questions to properly determine the scope of a project
  • You are comfortable helping other devs on the team when a problem arises
  • You have an encouraging attitude to yourself, team member and clients
  • You’re comfortable working with large datasets and moving data from one place to another
  • You’re well versed in PHP, MySQL & Javascript blah blah etc etc

Developers should be able to say yes to most the following:

  • Do you appreciate the value of a team over the value of self?
  • Have you successfully led a development team through multiple projects? (Examples would be great)
  • Have you already scoured the source code of this website to see if you’d want to work with us?
  • Do you version control your to-do lists?
  • Are you generally an awesome person?

All Applicants

We are looking for 30 (or so) hours per week at this point in time. Ideally this will grow into a long-term relationship so we’ll be pretty picky. Please respond with statements of your experience, expertise, enthusiasm and wage requirements to i-am-awesome@focuslabllc.com. Developers should also include their GitHub profile (or equivalent).