A Question for You

I have had a thought and want to see what you think.

We’ve begun discussing the idea of creating an in-depth, beautifully designed branding process book, but we aren’t sure if this is brilliant or insane.

The big idea is to provide a behind-the-curtain look at our branding and design process (kinda like our blog posts on steroids). We would break down everything from initial sketches through the final product, including client feedback in between rounds that influenced direction, road blocks and how they were handled, business lessons and much more. It would be a visual documentary with accompanying step-by-step text.

The current thought is to pick between three and five projects to document, thereby creating a lengthy, beautiful and tangible resource for sharing inspiration and business experiences.

We haven’t even started doing math on this idea, but with costs involved there’s no question that the book would cost something… So, the questions for you are:

Would you buy it?
What might you pay?
Are we nuts? ( Comment with thoughts! )